Well, for starters, welcome to The Young and Broke Life – a blog chronicling the everyday musings, adventures, and mishaps of a poor twenty year old lost in the shuffle of school, part-time jobs, internships, and everything in between.

I made this blog because I see too many lifestyle blogs where the lives being portrayed aren’t lives I can relate to; they’re aspirational, which is great, but when you can barely afford the Ramen you’re eating for dinner, seeing a cute tee shirt the same price as your groceries for the next two weeks is actually agonizing.

And let’s face it, being a part of the “emerging adulthood” age group is tricky – especially in a world where the economy is crumbling, Wall Street is being “occupied,” and student loans are the only thing we’re really sure of. So, essentially what I’m trying here is to create a blog that’s not trying to preach or act glamorous. I’m trying to create something honest.

Hope you enjoy the ride.


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