Monthly Archives: November 2012

Tu me manques

It’s such a mixed feeling of excitement, longing, and frustration when all you want to do is be with someone and they want to be with you yet you can’t be together. And I don’t mean “be together,” as a couple or in love. I mean physically be together. Body next to body, hands and legs intertwined, resting under rustled sheets. Tragically, you have the fluttering, heart racing knowledge that someone out there cares about you and all the while, you also have that sinking, melancholy ball of defeat in the pit of your stomach because you are somehow still alone. And there’s just so many reasons you’re not with one another. It’s the time, the place, the weather, other people. But the reason doesn’t matter really, does it? Because, for the time being, you have this impassable problem where everything is broken in a thousand pieces yet bursting at the seams simultaneously. It’s all so very big that your head just cannot fully understand how this can be happening in such close quarters, under your fragile ribcage in your tender heart.


Senses Fall

As August takes one of its last heaving sighs, it lets out all that heavy air it has left within. It breathes in and out slowly yet methodically, taking in precious hours of daylight and swallowing them up whole, exhaling out the cool breeze that ushers in autumn. Once September arrives, the familiar lush green carpets and skyscrapers of yore leisurely fade to shades of browns, reds, and yellows. Endless days of sunshine turn to crisp windswept mornings and lackadaisical weekend afternoons that smell quintessentially like apples and pumpkins.

We affectionately disregard “Autumn” as the name of this new friend we’re playing with and we call her “Fall.” It is a title better suited for her. It is a moniker that means more than a literal tumble or drop. Such is a time so full of opportunity and double entendres. Students everywhere are falling back into rhythms of books, pencils, and desk chairs. You can almost smell the freshness, the excitement – the fear. Perhaps this will be the year they learn algebra or maybe it will be the year they lose their innocence. Young lovers are tragically falling out of love, the heavy heat gone from both the night air and their slow beating hearts. Conversely, those sidelong glances of mere acquaintances have others falling into love. These hopefuls believe the weeks to come will be as ripe as blackberries awaiting picking, bulbous and patient. Continue reading