A Note of Thanks


To my beloved LIRR,

I just wanted to take the time to write you a letter to say thank you.

Thank you!

Thank you for always keeping me on my toes, taking me to new places, and never providing me with a dull moment. Truly, it’s always an adventure when we spend time together – I never know what’s going to happen! I am so glad that I get to spend more time with you than my own family.

For instance, this morning. LOVED what you did this morning. Your website told me you’d be on time and, oh, guess what?! You made me thirty minutes late to work – for the third week in a row!  Thank you so much for that! I love sending my boss horribly apologetic emails about why, even though I leave a full hour and a half before I have to be in the office, I can’t seem to get to work on time. Racking up those “Worst Employee Ever” points as the resident “late girl” is exactly what I wanted merely two months into my new job.

Seeing as it’s your only job is to get people from point A to point B  – you are incredible at it! I know that getting somewhere at the time you told us must be extraordinarily hard, so, no sweat, I’m cool with you taking your time. It’s okay. I understand that you’re under a lot of pressure. How can I expect you to function when each of your thousands of riders is only paying you (roughly) $3,000 a year? No wonder you’re in shambles! That’s pocket-change… if you know, pocket-change were a down-payment on a Toyota.

Honestly, I do enjoy taking an extra four to six stops in the morning. Detours to Jamaica definitely give me a more well-rounded sense of what’s going on in my community and the extra twenty minutes I spend on the train passing through is a great time for reflection. Sometimes you are just so thoughtful! I know some riders groan and complain because they need to get to their destination, because of silly things like having to make a living but they can wait. When beautiful views of random train stations await – why get us there on time? There’s just too much to see!

Also, I never got a chance to tell you when you did this a few weeks ago – how ever did you know that it is my favorite thing when you cancel almost every train leaving Penn Station?! Taking the subway to Jamaica and having my boyfriend pick me up in rush hour traffic, forty-five minutes out of the way from his home, was really the cherry on top of my day. All in all, thanks again, LIRR, for (literally) one hell of a ride, every single day. Hanging with you is like a more fun variation of that Forrest Gump quote, “Commuting is like a box of chocolates. You never know when you’re going to get anywhere.”

Warm regards,
Another happy commuter

P.S. Love what you’ve done with the bathrooms – such shabby chic!


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