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Picture This

I spend an unhealthy amount of time on my computer, searching the Internet for god-knows-what. During my relentless rummaging, I come across countless pictures, sayings, and, generally, beautiful things that peak my interest. Aside from messing with my mental health both positively and negatively, my perpetual surfing leads to a rather cluttered desktop; as a means of cleansing my mind and my computer screen, here’s what I’m currently loving on the interwebs: Continue reading


A Mind in Pictures

A way of life.

A proverb.

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Okay, you can stop judging now. I know this may look like something a hipster would buy at Urban Outfitters but it’s not even from Urban and I’m overly in love with it. This cover art for the novel is perfect and even though this is going to sound really pretentious, Fitzgerald is easily my favorite writer. Plus, it’s totally affordable at $42 AND it’s a sweatshirt, meaning I can both sleep in it and wear it out. AWESOME.

So, to the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg – I want you on me.