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Dancing Across the Pond

From the quirky music to the amazing clothes, this video is all-around incredible.



Okay, you can stop judging now. I know this may look like something a hipster would buy at Urban Outfitters but it’s not even from Urban and I’m overly in love with it. This cover art for the novel is perfect and even though this is going to sound really pretentious, Fitzgerald is easily my favorite writer. Plus, it’s totally affordable at $42 AND it’s a sweatshirt, meaning I can both sleep in it and wear it out. AWESOME.

So, to the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg – I want you on me.

Diary of an Intern

Once a week, I’m going to post an essay on a random topic; it may be fiction or non-fiction. This week, the essay is about a day in the life of a fashion intern.


Wake up at six thirty in the morning. Hop in the shower, excited for the day. Slip into your carefully crafted outfit that functions as both chic and comfortable; you want to be ready for anything but you want to look good doing it. Grab your Metrocard, head for the door, and arrive at your building at a little past eight. You get yourself some coffee and make your way to the elevators. The doors open on your floor and the day begins.

You venture into the office to find racks and racks of luxurious clothes crammed together while other interns and harried assistants run past you. Your jacket gets thrown haphazardly on the nearest desk chair, which is already stacked with look books waiting to be sorted. You trip over several pairs of Louboutins as you get sent back downstairs to get coffee for the editors. What are you doing, fixing your tights? They NEED their coffee NOW.

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