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The Last Time You Ever

I’m in the process of cleaning out my Gmail drafts folder and I found this link tucked away in an unnamed draft from July 2013. I find Thought Catalog to be somewhat insufferable as of late but their earlier (2011 – 2012) stuff contains some select gems. This is one of them and it’s a special piece of writing, particularly since it’s 2 years later and I still enjoy it. Here’s an excerpt:

“You can set an alarm, mark it on a calendar, tattoo it on your skin and still the last time doesn’t need your permission. What you count on is that you have the power to end things, to label people ‘never again,’ to say farewell forever and mean it. What you count on is having a choice. But you don’t, and you’ll know that when you allow your heart to get broken again despite the protests you made and the caution you took.”


Maybe Don’t Kiss Me

“Well, for fuck’s sake, I’m not cool. And I want to fall in love; I might even want to fall in love with you. I have this tremendous capacity to love and I am drowning in it. With the effort it takes for me to remain aloof and unattached, I am quietly, quietly submerged in this innate and overwhelming need to love. But here’s the thing, I can’t “kind of” love you. I can’t fall “a little bit” in love with you. I am going to love you in a way that is going to warm you, in a perpetual sort of way.”

Why I Want You

“I want you because there aren’t any good words for who you are. The only ones that come to mind are earnest, sad clichés like “amazing” and “magnetic” and “fascinating” and I don’t want to use them, but on the other hand they are the only words, and cliché or not they are honest words and I’m not sure consulting a thesaurus at this point would be genuine. And it’s not that I want you officially, like I want your last name or your Sunday mornings or your hard shiny promise, I just want to absorb you. I want to know what you know, want to hear your stories, want to filter through them gently and get lost in them, them and the soft hypnosis of your hands in my hair.”

“I Want You Because” by Mila Jaroniec

How To Have A Twitter

If you’re as obsessed with reading Thought Catalog as I am, then you know how accurate and applicable their posts are to the life and times of a struggling twenty-something. Back in April, I had submitted this essay about “How To Have A Twitter” and got turned down on having it published by the HBIC at Thought Catalog – Ryan O’Connell himself…because he’d already written something like it. Seven months later, I’m still depressed and bitter about it so I present to you, anonymous reader, my unpublished work – may it forever be condemned to a cold and lonely life on my silly little blog. #dramatic

Have enough narcissism to think that people give a shit about what you have to say. Have daily adventures that can easily be described in 140 characters.  Conveniently forget the days when you didn’t summarize your minute-to-minute activities. Believe everything you do is fabulous until something seemingly inane bothers you and it’s irritating enough to become perfect fodder for your daily “angry tweet.”

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