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Monday Morning Jams

Newly obsessed with this song. Needed to share with EVERYONE. It’s a typical saccharine, girl-power anthem and it totally reminds me of the Spice Girl era (in all the best ways). It’s definitely a power-walking-down-the-street-while-flipping-your-hair sort of jam and who doesn’t love that kind of sass on a Monday morning? #noshame

And I wonder does it blow your mind, that I’m leaving you far behind? I wonder does it stop your heart to know – you’re not my sunshine, anymore



If you haven’t heard “Ribs” by Lorde, you should listen to it now. It’s one of the most haunting pieces of music I’ve heard in a while – both lyrically and melodically – and it’s essentially about how terrifying it is to grow up. It resonated with me and I’ve been listening to it obsessively for the past few months so you should too. Enjoy.


The drink you spilt all over me
‘Lover’s Spit’ left on repeat
My mom and dad let me stay home
It drives you crazy, getting old

We can talk it so good
We can make it so divine
We can talk it good
How you wish it would be all the time
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To Kids From One to Ninety-Two

I¬†know I’m not alone when I say that there’s something so incredibly magical about the holiday season. As soon as the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, the end of the year is welcomed in all the best ways; lights illuminate houses everywhere, warm cookies emerge from ovens, the smell of pine ruminates in living rooms, and pristinely wrapped boxes of all shapes and sizes sit expectant by the fireplace.

Despite the finals and the projects, the chill brought about with the coming of December brings on a feeling of excitement that few other things can rival. They say that it’s Thanksgiving that’s supposed to remind you how thankful you are for everything you have but I think it’s just a kick-starter for the whole season. Christmastime is all about spending as much time as you can with family and friends – enjoying each other’s company and just appreciating that you have one another.

So, in the spirit of giving and sharing – here are a few of my favorite holiday things.

October Jams

I make playlists frequently and there’s usually never any rhyme or reason to them. Here’s one for October:

  1. She Is – Ben Rector
  2. Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO
  3. You & I – Lady Gaga
  4. It Girl – Jason Derulo
  5. Free – Natalia Kills f/Will.I.Am
  6. Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn
  7. Heartbeat – The Fray
  8. Bad – The Cab
  9. Save the World – Swedish House Mafia
  10. Without You – Usher f/David Guetta
  11. Song for the Suburbs – Ben Rector
  12. One – Swedish House Mafia f/Pharrell
  13. La La – The Cab
  14. Complicated – Rihanna
  15. Not Over You – Gavin DeGraw
  16. Angel with a Shotgun – The Cab
  17. Temporary Bliss – The Cab
  18. Hang With Me – Robyn
  19. Wonderland – Natalia Kills
  20. Mr. Know It All – Kelly Clarkson