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Dating A Twenty-Something

This is one of the most accurate examples of dating when you’re in college/grad school/a twenty-something that I’ve seen. It’s awkward, succinct, and all around hilarious. Watch and revel at how relatable it is… or cry about it. Either option works.


Flightless Birds

I wrote this when I was feeling particularly optimistic and I think it came at a time when I needed optimism in my life. The message is somewhat cheesy and overtly happy but that’s what propelled me to write it; it’s a solid change of pace from the sad undertones I usually dwell on. I hope it brings you the same uplifting thoughts it brings me.


Anyone who’s ever been to New York City knows that it’s the home of the world’s most eclectic, interesting, and driven people. It’s the home of those who have ideas, who have goals, and those who have nowhere else to go. One of the most beautiful things about the city is watching these people. These nomads, these workers, these dreamers – they’re bustling on the pavement, celebrating on rooftops, and wandering the undergrounds. The latter group is perhaps the most interesting. At the end of the day, you’ll find that there are some who are quietly coming home from work, some rushing to meet up with friends, and some who are trying to talk to anyone who will listen. The common ground here is that they are all milling about in the same creaky metal train cars, just looking for a way to go from point A to point B.

I don’t usually remember the people I see on the subway. I’m one of the quiet ones. I mind my own business and go where I need to go. I usually ignore the beggars and the singers – though I’ll donate praise if I’m particularly impressed, a feat that so rarely happens in such poor acoustic underground dwellings. I do remember one particular woman I heard talking to another stranger once. She was no one special and frankly, I’m not sure I could even give you an accurate representation of what she looked like but she imparted wisdom, never intended for my ears, that has resonated with me since that moment on that rickety train.

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